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Terms of use

We are there for you:

The content of the DEVK websites have been compiled with the utmost care and attention. They are regularly updated. Nevertheless we can not accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness and actuality of any information contained therein. DEVK accepts no liability for any damages or consequential damages caused as a result of the usage of any of the information on our websites. External internet sites, which can be assessed via a link from our own internet sites, are not regularly checked with regards to content. DEVK Rückversicherung accepts no responsibility for the contents of these sites.

Misuse Prohibited

The design, name, logo, structure and content of these websites are protected by copyright. Use of the aforementioned is prohibited without the written permission of DEVK. In addition the further usage, further processing, copying and any form of reproduction of the websites and their contents or excerpts thereof, are prohibited without the prior written permission of DEVK.

The placing of links on the homepage and/or the placing of deep links (i.e. a link to a specific page in the DEVK Rückversicherung website rather than to the main homepage) is in principle permitted. Nevertheless, DEVK reserves the right in individual cases, to prohibit the placing of links or deep links, if it is in the company’s interest to do so.

Easy usability for everyone

DEVK meets the ever increasing expectations of the user for barrier free and standardized websites with a trendsetting scaleable XHTML user interface, which also allows keyboard use. With us you will find no unnecessary barriers! (N.B. Unfortunately not all the applications of this website are yet converted onto the new interface. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this transitional period).